Welcome to Mission: Defence

It is the year 2530 and Earths natural resources are running out. In a desperate attempt to find new resources the world government sent scouting ships into space to find new planets. One such scout has arrived at a new planet and has discovered large quantities of resources. Soon after setting up a small base camp on the planets surface it was attacked by a huge insect. The insect was killed but not before it damaged one of the rockets thrusters. Taking off is now out of the question, a distress signal has been sent but help will take some time to arrive. The mission is equipped with designs for defensive structures. Building these might be the only hope for survival...

Towers attacking bugs

Mission: Defence is a new tower defence style game with futuristic technology being used to fend off waves of alien creatures. However this game has a key difference - the enemies will fight back. Therefore it will be important to consider not only how to kill the waves of attackers, but also how to stop your buildings from being destroyed. Features include:-

So if you are up for the challenge of defending your expedition from waves of attackers play it here, its free!

Important note:- Mission: Defence requires Java installed to play, if you don't have it you can download it from here.

Alternativly learn about the different towers and attackers or read tutorials on the guide page, or view current highscores on the highscores page.